June 2022

Newsletter 2

Cyber-attacks pose more danger to democracies and economies than guns and tanks
Jean-Claude Juncker, 2017
Commission President

Welcome to the second newsletter of the ENCRYPT4.0 project!

ENCRYPT4.0 is a two-year project that has just kicked off in November 2020 and will run until October 2022. ENCRYPT4.0 has been funded with support from the Erasmus+ Programme and over two years, project partners will work to engage professionals and hard-to-reach young people in targeted training interventions in the area of cybersecurity. The aim is to strengthen the capacity of manufacturing SMEs to ensure security of their data in the Industry 4.0 context and to contribute to tackle the cyber security workforce shortage via creating a comprehensive training package.

Since Encrypt 4.0 aims to provide manufacturing SMEs across Europe with a package of tools to combat cyber threats, a pan-European effort is needed, ensured by the extensive expertise of all partner organisations. What is more, the transnational nature of cyber-attacks prompts that cybercrime goes beyond national borders and only through shared knowledge and practices it can be adequately addressed.


The Manufacturing Industry needs tools to incorporate cyber risks into their existing risk management processes. In this context, the ENCRYPT 4.0 addressed this identified need, focusing on Cybersecurity assessment, and developed the Cyber Risk Audit Matrix (CRAM).

The CRAM is a tool that supports managers of manufacturing SMEs to perform a comprehensive analysis of their processes taking into account the use of innovative Industry 4.0-based technological solutions, identifying cyber risks and supporting them into designing and setting effective controls at place. It was developed considering expertise from national, EU and worldwide as well as feedback from experts in cybersecurity from six European countries – Austria, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain.

The CRAM also enables employees not only to make a long-term cybersecurity strategy but also to quickly perform daily reporting. Hence, the actual risk levels for the processes are evident at any given moment. Since keeping the production ongoing is crucial and the shortest destitution of certain process may have an irreparable impact and cause huge financial loss.


The Encrypt 4.0 Training Labs are ready and available online heretraining.encrypt40.eu

Lab 1: Network Defence focuses on building security on the network level, as well as methods for encrypting information, building secure connections, and authentication, in order to store and transmit sensitive information.

LAB 2: Cyber threats & Vulnerabilities addresses intrusion detection and response systems and measures to build a secure infrastructure for assessing, monitoring, and preventing cyber threats.

LAB 3: Ethical Hacking is aiming at demonstrating how to proactively achieve an adequate level of IT security through attempting to penetrate a computer system.


Encrypt 4.0 Documental battery on cyber-attacks that will represent a compilation of case studies on cyber-attacks that will be available online on the project website and will serve as an online peer learning tool aimed at supporting SMEs on boosting their cybersecurity and preventing cyber-attacks.

Stay tuned!