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Joint Cyber Workforce Development Initiative to Enable The European Industry to Overcome the Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals

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encrypt 4.0

Cybersecurity Pose Project in Clear Business Terms

Project info: The future of business is digital, yet many executives and Boards of Directors often remain uninformed about the cybersecurity risk.

It’s time for security leaders to engage leadership and become truly important to executive management.

With Encrypt 4.0 by Erasmus+ , no one can deny the impact of your risk.


Delivering value for both business and technical leadership

Encrypt 4.0 Cyber
Risk Audit Matrix

Enabling developing SMEs management to adopt a approach towards cybersecurity by supporting them in the process of analysing, identifying and tackling the cyber risks and threats

Encrypt 4.0 Cyber
security training lab

Promoting project-based learning to boosting cyber-security skills and competences of SMEs’ employees and cybersecurity professionals.

Encrypt 4.0 Documental battery on cyber-attacks

Making stronger peer-to-peer dialogue in the field of cyber security and give free access to critical analysis of lessons learned and cyber defence roadmaps.


Target Groups

Head of departments in developing SMEs
Employees and cybersecurity professionals from SMEs
Vocational students with technical profiles
VET trainers in the field of cybersecurity