October 2022

Newsletter 3

Cyber-attacks pose more danger to democracies and economies than guns and tanks
Jean-Claude Juncker, 2017
Commission President

Welcome to the second newsletter of the ENCRYPT4.0 project!

ENCRYPT4.0 is a two-year project which is coming to an end in October 2022. ENCRYPT 4.0 was funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Program and, during the two years of implementation, the six project partners worked to involve department managers and professionals from manufacturing SMEs transitioning to Industry 4.0 in specific training interventions in the field of cyber security.


Encrypt 4.0 consortium has developed this document to serve as a know-how tool giving access to critical analysis of real cyber-attacks and lessons learnt as well as roadmaps on how to prevent, identify, tackle and recover from them.

The Encrypt 4.0 Documental battery on cyber-attacks is specifically tailored to the needs of EU manufacturing SMEs operating in the Industry 4.0 context and represents a compilation of case studies on cyber-attacks which is aimed at supporting SMEs in boosting their cybersecurity and preventing cyber-attacks.

The Encrypt 4.0 Documental battery contains a total of 18 case studies based on desk research, personal experience and observations and in-depth interviews with CEOs, cybersecurity professionals, and IT specialists. It describes various types of cyber-attacks and provides critical analysis of the reasons for the security breaches, how they were tackled and what the consequences were.


Each partner organized a one-day bootcamp multiplier event in their country, attended by over 30 managers and employees of manufacturing SMEs, cybersecurity professionals, VET trainers, consultants and vocational students. The events organized in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, and Portugal, summarized a one-day version of the bootcamp model to introduce the Encrypt 4.0 final products and evoke interest and promote future professional development in the field of cybersecurity.


The Encrypt 4.0 Final Valorisation Conference was held on 6th October 2022 in Targu Mures, Romania. Over 100 participants attended the public session in which partners presented the project products: The Cyber Risk Audit Matrix, Training labs, Documental battery on cyber-attacks.

Discussions and debates with participants were organised in order to get their impressions and suggestions for project sustainability activities: Sorin Marinca, manager Tehnomar: “Encrypt 4.0 products are an extremely useful help for my company which is increasingly being cyber-attacked”.

Before and after the event a lot of regional press releases, radio and TV interviews were carried out.

With this, the ENCRYPT 4.0 project ends but its innovative products will remain available in 7 languages for a long period of time…